Why we strongly recommend the registration and use of an ORCID account

  1. An ORCID iD reliably connects you with your works, awards and affiliations. Using an ORCID id alleviates mistaken identity; which can occur for example when your name is more common, you have changed your name, use different versions of your name or have a name that has been transliterated into other languages.

  2. ORCID improves recognition for you and your research. Using your iD create reliable connections between your iD and your research activities. It also increases the discoverability of your research outputs.

  3. You own and control your own record, can manage which information is connected, and how it is shared. ORCID’s visibility settings are very granular, so you can make different data elements visible to different groups.

  4. More and more of the systems you already use are connected with ORCID. With more than 10 million ORCID iDs in 2020, and more than 1200 member organizations and more than 500 live integrations, ORCID is already being used in many of your existing workflows.

How to register

Click here to register

Inform secretariat of your ORCID

The secretariat requires ORCID identifiers to link authors to IPBES products they contribute to. The best way to provide this information is by updating your website user profiles. See documentation on how to update your profile here.

ORCID allows you to sync your publications from various indexing platforms.

  • Airiti

  • BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

  • Crossref Metadata Search

  • DataCite

  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB)

  • Europe PubMed Central

  • ISNI

  • JaLC

  • KoreaMed

  • MLA International Bibliography

  • Redalyc

  • Research Data Australia

  • Scopus - Elsevier

IPBES uses Zenodo which indexes data in DataCite. Please follow the following steps to link your publications to your ORCID profile.

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