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This repository holds the public user documentation for IPBES data management and IT services and tools. It is hosted on ict.ipbes.net


Our documentation is public because we want your help in improving and maintaining it. See our Contributing guidelines for guidelines on filing pull requests. All documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

If you spot a problem, send us a pull request to fix it! If you're not sure how, you can also file an issue and we'll try to get to it ourselves.

In order to maintain a consistent style and voice throughout our documentation please try to follow these standards and conventions when filing Pull Requests against our documentation.


Our documentation site is built using GitBook. GitBook uses Markdown as its file format.

  • All files should end in .md. They should be all-lower-case and match the title of the page, or in some cases an abridged version of it.

  • All pages should start with a title, denoted with # (first level header).

  • Subsections within a page are encouraged, and should use ## for a 2nd level and ### for a 3rd level. Do not have more than 3 levels of header.

  • Inline code statements, file names, and keys that would appear in a file should use backticks like this `.

  • Always use inline links.

  • Do not hard-wrap prose text. Set your text editor to soft wrapping.

  • Internal links should be absolute (starting with /) and link to a file ending in .md, not .html. That makes them easier to find when needed to update.

Language usage

  • All documentation should be written in English.

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