Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive for Business is your private space and a great place to save your work. OneDrive is for documents you don’t plan to share with many colleagues, like draft documents or personal documents that others don’t need to see. It’s also a good choice for ad-hoc collaboration with a limited scope of colleagues or for documents with a brief lifecycle.
It might be tempting to save all your documents to OneDrive since it’s easy and convenient. However, you need to think about the content that you have there and consider the implications. If a document is a collaborative effort related to a project or needs to be preserved as part of the Organization’s records, Unite Docs would be a better choice.

Components & Features

  • Store your unclassified* work files on the Office 365 cloud
  • Sync with your computer to work offline
  • Sync with your mobile devices for access anywhere
  • Share files and send links via email
  • Simultaneously edit or co-author documents online
  • Automatic versions saved
  • Annotate PDF files directly in the mobile app


  • Files are accessible anywhere on any device
  • Files are protected from hard drive failure and accidental data loss
  • Sharing files reduces the number of attachments sent by email
  • Edit or co-author documents can be simultaneously which eliminates the need to consolidate changes from various collaborators (everyone works on the same document)
Difference between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online Site
The main difference: OneDrive is your personal drive vs SharePoint Online Site is a department content space. The good news - both applications function very similarly regarding document management.
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