Content management

To view a list of all content that exists click the “Content” button on the toolbar.

  • This is a valuable location for site administrators in managing the content on the

    site, with tabs for Content, Books, Comment and Files.

  • Under the content tab, you can filter by content type, allowing you to search for all events for example.

  • You can also filter by status: published, promoted or sticky (see above under Creating new content section for description of these status types.)

  • To update any piece of content, you can check the box next to it. Then, select the update option you want (for example, Promoted selected content to front page) and click the Update button.

  • Click the edit link to go to a particular piece of content directly in edit mode.

  • You can also work with files from this page, by selecting the Files tab. (Note, the images that appear in the recent multimedia on the homepage have all been

    “promoted” to the homepage.) To promote an image, check the box beside an image and select “Promote selected files” and update.

  • Using the Books tab you can reorder the sections in a book. Click on the “edit order and titles” link for the particular book and then drag using the arrow to reorder. Save your changes.

  • Using the Comments tab you can approve or delete comments posted on your site.

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