Before Joining | Preparing for meeting

  • Internet connectivity

    • Use Chrome or Firefox browser to connect.(Allow access to camera and microphone. Avoid using ad-blockers)

    • Use a wired connection.(Preferred)

    • If wired connection is not available, use high-speed Wi-Fi instead.(Ideally 20 and 5 Mbps, for download and upload respectively. 5Ghz / 802.11ac is highly recommended)

  • A webcam

  • Professional Environment

Joining a KUDO meeting

Join the meeting via computer:

  • You must be on Google Chrome

  • Have your headset with microphone ready

  • When the time comes, join the meeting by clicking on this link: ADD PARTICIPANT´S LINK

Join the meeting via smartphone:

  • Download the KUDO app: App Store, Play Store

  • Have your headset with microphone ready

  • When the time comes, open the KUDO app, click 'join with session ID' and join the meeting by entering the following session ID: THESE ARE THE NUMBERS AT THE END OF YOUR PARTICIPANTS LINK, THEY LOOK LIKE THIS 220213082448

KUDO test call

You can test how KUDO works ahead of a scheduled meeting by visiting https://live.kudoway.com/test

Requesting the Floor​

If you wish to speak/take the floor, please turn on your camera, then click on “Request to speak” button located in the bottom right of your screen and wait for the meeting chair/moderator to grant you the permission to speak or to “take the floor’’.​

Once your request has been accepted, click on the microphone and video icons to enable them (once enabled, the icons will turn blue). You can start speaking once you are visible on the screen.​

If you are still on screen but are no longer speaking, please remember to mute your microphone. ​

When you are done speaking, please click the “Release Mic” button to deactivate your microphone and camera.​


To hear interpretation, click on the language selector option and choose your preferred audio language from the dropdown list.

Please speak clearly and slowly. Note that if the audio quality of a speaker is insufficient, or if speakers read out written interventions too quickly, their interventions may go uninterpreted