Data Management Policy

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  • To ensure that knowledge generated by integration of existing data during creation of the assessments and related activities follows FAIR data principles;

  • To provide a framework for all IPBES entities to fulfill their responsibilities with respect to storage and retention of knowledge and generated data as well as final Assessments;

  • To guide IPBES experts to fulfill their responsibilities to develop data management plans which fulfill the requirements of this policy;

  • To provide a suggested workflow for long-term storage and accessibility of IPBES products to the experts;

  • To promote the use of open-source software to enable users to recreate, replicate and use IPBES products without limitations.


  • Accessibility: free and open access to its deliverables and to the material on which they are based

  • Open science: promote the generation of knowledge through collaboration based on free and open access to knowledge, information, and data.


  • Includes principles of Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC)

  • Contains inputs and feedback from all Task Forces in IPBES

  • Covers wide range of disciplines and different types of data

  • Defines responsibilities and roles

  • Includes commitment to support experts to follow the policy and to adopt their own data management plans

  • Applies to ongoing as well as upcoming assessments

  • Promotes transparency and traceability


TSU on knowledge and data via Dr Aidin Niamir ([email protected])