Data and Knowledge Management Policy
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The data and knowledge management policy serves to ensure that data and knowledge is managed correctly and consistently throughout IPBES, and is maintained to the highest possible standard. Specific objectives include the following:
    To ensure that data and knowledge produced during IPBES research activities, within assessments as well as assessment overarching, follow the FAIR and CARE principles;
    To ensure inclusivity and benefit sharing at all stages of the creation and distribution of IPBES products as well as access of all involved stakeholders and producers to the final IPBES products;
    To provide a framework for all IPBES entities, including technical support units and experts, to fulfil their responsibilities with respect to management, handling, preservation, and distribution of data and knowledge and generated data within the platform;
    To guide the experts to fulfil their responsibilities to develop one or more data and knowledge management reports which fulfil the requirements of this policy;
    To provide a suggested workflow for long term storage and preservation of IPBES products to the experts;
    To promote the usage of open-source software to enable users to recreate and use IPBES products without limitations


    Open science: promotes the generation of knowledge through collaboration based on free and open access to knowledge, information, and data
      Accessibility: the free and open access to its deliverables and to the material on which they are based
      Inclusivity and benefit sharing: the co-operation in research and acceptance of the resulting products


    Includes the full incorporation of indigenous and local knowledge throughout the policy
    Includes the requirement that IPBES products follow the FAIR and CARE principles
    Details specific provisions on reporting as well as accessibility, inclusivity, and benefit sharing
    Contains inputs and feedback from all Task Forces in IPBES
    Covers wide range of disciplines and different types of data
    Defines responsibilities and roles
    Includes commitment to support experts to follow the policy and to adopt their own data management reports
    Promotes transparency and reproducibility


For any questions or comments, please contact the technical support unit on knowledge and data at [email protected]
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