Microsoft FindTime

FindTime is used to schedule

You need an Microsoft 365 license to create a FindTime poll. Recipients (Your friends and colleagues) only need an email address and internet access to participate in the poll.

How to install

Click on install for free
  • Enter your email address and follow the prompts

You will be redirected to the organisation's sign in page after you click next
  • Restart your Outlook

How to Use Microsoft FindTime

1. Launch new email

  • Create a new email or select an email to reply to.

  • List people required for the meeting in To and optional participants in Cc.

2. Create a new poll

  • Click on New Meeting Poll icon

  • Select meeting duration from the Duration drop down and check the Time Zone.

  • Click on the meeting date and pick suitable time slots then click on Next

Select meeting duration and time slots

FindTime will check your calendar and will not suggest time slots if you have other scheduled meetings

3. Confirm poll, meeting location and notifications

  • Now enter meeting location or click on check-box for Skype Meeting link

  • Click on Insert to email button

Make sure you disable Auto schedule and Holds or the system will send an automatic meeting based on the poll results

Confirm poll and meeting location and configure notifications
  • You're done! Send the email to let the voting begin.

Add recipients, send out poll, go back to to edit poll and check voting status
  • You will be notified vie email once an attendee has voted

  • Once the voting has been completed, Microsoft FindTime will finalize the poll.